Tuesday, 24 May 2016

help !!!!!

Hi , I am very sorry for the appearance of my blog, but  this morning I decided to try and change a few things on my blog give it a bit of a face lift I thought, ha easier said then done, I have changed it before and had no problem, so I don't know what has gone wrong this time but the right side bar on my blog has ended up underneath my post and no matter how much I have tried I can not put it right, so please if there is anyone who could help me solve this I would be so appreciated

Hugs Babs x


brenda said...

Oh dear Babs how annoying for you.

I'm no genius with these things and what I say might be things you have already tried. I do recall something similar happening once and it was down to the blogger template I had chosen. Usually it will give you a preview of how the various templates will look on your blog.

Also it is usually possible to go to layout and drag elements to where you want them just as you can on the sidebar and you should be able to drag elements from the bottom to the side, but that of course depends on the template you have selected.

I always have to re-size new blog headers, you can find the size needed by right clicking on the header, then selecting inspect and the size will be shown in the right hand box that pops up. But not sure how you will find that at the moment as the new photo is there. If it helps any I crop mine to 928 x 376 but I am guessing the size is dictated by the template.

I've babbled on here and not sure I've helped at all, but please do mail me if I can help in any way.

B x

brenda said...

Ahother thought Babs, you could revert to the Classic Template - right down the bottom when you select template option. From there you should have a basic layout to work from.

Only suggestions and sorry if I am teaching you to such eggs.

B x

Babs said...

Thank you Brenda, I really do appreciate your time and help, I will try what you said, this will teach me if things aren't broken don't fix them lol
Hugs Babs x

pam said...

Hi Babs, see you have got some help and your side bar is back, although your blog itself looks oversized still!!!.
Hope you get more help.
Hugs Pam x